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VNS Hostel for boys. Perfectly designed rooms and interiors give the great ambience for a pleasant living. The Hostel has been well designed and meticulously planned considering the privacy of the individuals. On the opening window, when we give the introduction, we aim to provide quality of living, maintaining standard of accommodation with modern amenities and safety on priority. VNS Hostel is situated OPP. VADPADRAKA HOTEL AND RESORT, BETWEEN SUMANDEEP & PARUL UNIVERSITY DATTAPURA-ALWA ROAD, OFF WAGHODIA STATE HIGHWAY, VADODARA.



Air Conditioning
All rooms to have independent Split Air Conditioning Units in rooms which are 3 sharing rooms.
hot water supply
24 Hour hot water supply
CCTV surveillance
All areas to be monitored by 24 hr CCTV surveillance installed by MATRIX systems.

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house vending shop
SAMANVAY complex has an in house vending shop for daily use items of students such as soaps , dry snacks etc.
house entertainment
Hostel premise to have in house entertainment

WI- FI Facility
SAMANVAY complex to have WI- FI internet browsing facility
MESS facility
SAMANVAY have common MESS facility where breakfast , lunch & dinner are provided
RO water filter
SAMANVAY’S each floor will have RO water filter along with water cooler systems for safe and potable drinking water facility.

attached bath facility
SAMANVAY’S each room has a attached bath facility
first aid facility
SAMANVAY will have a first aid facility available In house and since we are located in proximity of DHIRAJ hospital we may also arrange for transport to hospital in case of emergency.

Our Staff

John doe
CEO / Founder
Martin Rogger
Delivery Boy
George Williams
jonathan doe

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